Action at a distance in electrodynamics: aod1
Aharonov-Bohm effect: abe1
alpha particle charge radius: alpcr1
alpha particle radius: he4ncr1
Ampere/ current: amp1
Angle measurement/radian: rad1
Angular Momentum in quantum mechanics: angmom1
Antihydrogen: ah1
Antiprotonic helium: aphe1
Antiprotonic other atoms: apoa1
Atomic mass constant/unified atomic mass unit/dalton: muuda1
Atomic radiative decay: ard1
Atom Interferometry: ai1
Atom, n, e-p charge neutrality: anepn1
Avogadro constant: avc1
Avogadro constant - other: avco1
Avogadro constant - silicon density: avcsid1
Avogadro constant - silicon lattice spacing: avcsil1
Avogadro constant - silicon molar mass: avcsim1
Basis set expansions: bse1
Bethe logarithm: blog1
binding energies: be1
Blackbody radiation effects: bre1
Bloch oscillations: bo1
Bohr magneton: bm1
Boltzmann constant: bc1
Bose condensate: bcon1
Bound-electron g-factor one-photon qed: begfop1
Breakdown of quantum Hall effect: qhebd1
Breit-Rabi formula: br1
Calculation of Feynman diagrams: cfd1
Candela/ photometry/ radiometry: cd1
Casimir effect: ce1
Charge , parity, time reversal symmetry: cpt1
Coefficient of thermal expansion: cte1
Complex atomic spectra theory: cast1
Compton wavelength - cesium: cwlcs1
Compton wavelength - electron: cwle1
Compton wavelength - neutron: cwln1
Compton wavelength - other: cwlo1
Compton wavelength-rubidium: cwlrb1
Continued fraction calculation: cfc1
Convergence of sequences: cos1
Coulomb gauge quantum electrodynamics: cgqed1
Coulomb Green function: cgf1
Coulomb matrix elements: cme1
Coulomb matrix elements: na1
Coulomb matrix elements: qheth1
Coulomb matrix elements: vfsc1
Coulomb matrix elements: zeha1
cycle, angle, radian, Hz: carHz1
Delbruck scattering: ds1
Density: d1
deuterium Lamb shift: dls1
deuterium molecular ion: dmi1
Deuterium molecule: D2mol1
deuterium-tritium molecule: DTmolecule1
Deuteron g-factor in deuterium: gdd1
Deuteron magnetic moment/ g-factor: gd1
Deuteron mass: md1
deuteron rms charge radius: dcr1
deuteron to proton mass ratio: mdmp1
Dielectric constant gas thermometry: dcgt1
Dielectric permittivity: diep1
Dimensional analysis: da1
Dirac equation identities: dei1
Dirac form factor: Diracff1
Dirac reduced Greens function: drgf1
Direct frequency comb spectroscopy: dfcs1
Dressed states: drst1
E1-M1 interference: emi1
e-d scattering and deuteron radius: edsrd1
Educational article: ed1
Electrical units: eu1
Electric dipole moment: edm1
Electric polarizability: elpol1
Electron anomalous magnetic moment/ (g-2)/2: ae1
Electron g-factor in deuterium: gjd1
Electron g-factor in hydrogen: gjh1
Electron g-factor in other systems: gjos1
electron hadronic VP: aehad1
Electron magnetic moment/ g-factor: ge1
Electron mass: me1
Elementary charge: e1
energy levels of a molecule: elmol1
Energy levels other: elo1
e-p scattering and proton radius: epsrp1
exotic explanations of discrepancies: exoexp1
Exponential integral calculation: eic1
Faraday constant: fc1
Farad/ capacitance: farad1
Fermilab muon experiments: Flab1
Fine-structure constant (alpha): al1
Fine structure other: fso1
Forbidden radiative transitions: frt1
Frequency combs: frco1
Fundamental constants - general/ metrology: fcgm1
Gamma-ray wavelengths: grwl1
gas thermometry: gth1
Gauges in quantum electrodynamics: gqed1
Gaussian quadrature: gq1
General relativity and clocks: grc1
Gouy phase shift: gophsh1
Gravitational acceleration/ little g: lg1
Gravitational inverse square law: gisl1
Gravity: gr1
Greens function: gf1
Harmonic polylogarithms: hpl1
Helion g-factor in helium3: ghh1
Helion gyromagnetic ratio - low field: hgrlf1
helion nuclear charge radius: hncr1
Helium 3 energy levels: He3el1
helium 3 nuclear charge radius: He3ncr1
Helium energy levels: heel1
Helium fine structure: hefs1
Helium hyperfine structure: hehfs1
Helium Lamb shift: hels1
Heliumlike ions: hei1
Heliumlike ions: heli1
Helium molar polarizability: hepol1
Helium plus energy levels: hepel1
Helium plus fine structure: hepfs1
Helium plus hyperfine splitting: hephfs1
Helium plus Lamb shift: hepls1
Helium thermophysical properties: hethpr1
Highly-charged ions: hci1
Hydrogen atom wavefunction: haw1
hydrogen-deuterium molecular ion: hdmi1
hydrogen-deuterium molecule: HDmol1
Hydrogen energy levels: hel1
Hydrogen fine structure: hfs1
Hydrogen hyperfine splitting: hhfs1
Hydrogen Lamb shift: hls1
hydrogen like energy levels: hlel1
Hydrogenlike ions: hli1
Hydrogen molecular ion: hmi1
hydrogen molecule: H2mol1
Hydrogen negative ion: hni1
hydrogen-tritium molecule: HTmol1
Hyperfine splitting other: hfso1
Hypergeometric functions: hgf1
Inhibition of spontaneous decay: isd1
Input data for 2010 LSA: lsa20101
International System of Units: si1
International temperature scale: its1
ionization energies: ie1
Ion source technology: ionsr1
Japan Muhfs and amu: JPARC1
Josephson effect - Josephson constant (2e/h): jekj1
Josephson effect /liquid helium: jehe1
Josephson effect - other: jeo1
joule balance: jb1
Kaonic atoms: kaat1
Kelvin/ temperature: kel1
Kibble balance: kb1
Kilogram/ mass standards/ weighing: kms1
Lamb shift high Z: lshz1
Lamb shift other: lso1
Laser cooling of atoms or ions: lsrcool1
Laser spectroscopy: lspec1
Lattice basis sets: lbs1
Lattice QCD: lqcd1
Least squares adjustments of constants/ algorithms: lsa1
Light or photon source technology for spectroscopy: lightsr1
Line narrowing techniques: lnt1
Lithium energy levels: liel1
Lithium fine structure: lifs1
lithium ion hyperfine splitting: Liihfs1
Lithiumlike - configuration interaction: lici1
Lithium like energy levels: lilel1
Lithiumlike - hylleraas variables: lihv1
Lithiumlike ions: Lili1
Lorentz transformations: lt1
Low-noise detection methods: lnd1
Magnetic flux quantum: mfq1
Magnetic monopoles: mmon1
Mass ratios: mr1
material variation of the constants: mvc1
Mathematics - classical analysis: mca1
Mathematics - generalized functions: mgf1
Mathematics - perturbation theory: mpt1
Mathematics - special functions: msf1
MCDF calculation: mcdf1
Meter Convention/CGPM/CIPM/BIPM/history: metcon1
Meter/ wavelengths/ distance: mwl1
metrological applications of optical clocks: maooc1
Modified Newtonian Dynamics: MOND1
Molar gas constant: mgc1
molar Planck constant: nah1
Mole/ amount of substance: mol1
Multi-electron atomic code: meac1
Muon anomalous magnetic moment/ (g-2)/2: amu1
Muon anomalous magnetic moment : hadronic: amuhad1
muonic atoms energy levels: muael1
muonic deuterium Lamb shift: mudls1
Muonic deuterium: mud1
muonic helium ions: muhei1
Muonic helium Lamb shift: mhels1
Muonic Helium: muhe1
Muonic hydrogen Lamb shift: muhls1
Muonic Hydrogen: muh1
Muonic ions lamb shift: muils1
Muonic lithium atoms: mulia1
Muonic lithium ions: mulii1
Muonic other atoms: muoa1
muonic tritium: mut1
Muonium energy levels: muel1
Muonium fine structure: mufs1
Muonium hyperfine splitting: muhfs1
Muonium Lamb shift: muls1
Muon lifetime: mul1
muon light-by-light: muonlbl1
muon magnetic moment anomaly: light-by-light: amulbl1
Muon magnetic moment/ g-factor: gmu1
Muon mass: mmu1
MUSE experiment at PSI: MUSEexp1
Natural line width: nlw1
Neutron lifetime: nl1
Neutron magnetic moment/ g-factor: gn1
Neutron mass: mn1
new fundamental constant: nfc1
New physics beyond the standard model: npbsm1
Newtonian gravitational constant/ big G: bg1
Noise thermometry: noth1
Nuclear charge radius: ncr1
Nuclear electromagnetic radius: ner1
Nuclear magnetic resonance: nmr1
Nuclear magnetic shielding: nms1
Nuclear magneton: nm1
nuclear polarization: nup1
Numerical calculation of two-loop diagrams: nctl1
Ohm/ resistance: ohm1
Parity nonconservation: pn1
particle masses other than electron and proton: pmoep1
philosophy of physics and mathematics: popam1
Photon localization: phl1
Photon mass: pm1
Photon wave function: pwf1
Pionic atoms: piat1
Planck constant-particle mass quotient: hm1
Planck constant: pc1
Polarization vectors in quantum electrodynamics: pv1
Polylogarithms: pl1
Positronium - cpt tests: pscpt1
Positronium energy levels: psel1
Positronium fine structure: psfs1
Positronium hyperfine splitting: pshfs1
positronium ion (ps + e): psi1
Positronium Lamb shift: psls1
Positronium - lifetime: psl1
Possible papers for 2018 LSA: LSA20181
PRad experiment: PRad1
Precision frequency measurement: pfm1
Precision spectroscopy: ps1
Properties of antiproton: pap1
properties of positron: posprop1
Proton charge radius: pcr1
Proton - electron mass ratio: mpme1
Proton form factor: pff1
Proton g-factor in hydrogen: gph1
Proton g-factor in water: gph2o1
Proton gyromagnetic ratio - high field: pgrhf1
Proton gyromagnetic ratio - low field: pgrlf1
Proton magnetic moment/ g-factor: gp1
Proton mass: mp1
Proton polarization: prp1
QHE in graphene: graph1
quantum chromodynamics: qcd1
Quantum electrodynamics in terms of field strengths: qedfs1
Quantum electrodynamics: qed1
Quantum Hall effect - other: qheo1
Quantum Hall effect: qhe1
Quantum Hall effect - von Klitzing constant (h/e2): qherk1
Quantum mechanics: qm1
Quantum of mass and fundamental constants: qomfc1
Quantum optics: qo1
Recombination or electron capture by an ion: recomb1
recommended frequencies /meter realization: rfmr1
Reformulation of quantum electrodynamics: rqed1
Relative atomic mass - atoms: rama1
Relative atomic mass - elements/ atomic weights: rame1
Relativistic recoil: rr1
renormalization: ren1
Rotation group theory: rgt1
Rydberg constant: ryd1
Rydberg states: rys1
Schroedinger reduced Greens function: srgf1
Schumann resonances: sr1
Second/ frequencies/ time: sf1
Self energy calculation: sec1
Single electron tunneling: set1
Solutions of Maxwell equations: som1
spatial variation of the constants: svc1
Special functions: spf1
Spectral line shape: sls1
Speed of light: c1
Standard model: sm1
Stefan-Boltzmann constant: sbc1
Sub-natural line width spectroscopy: snlw1
Summation acceleration: sa1
Tau anomalous magnetic moment/ (g-2)/2: atau1
Tau mass: mt1
Tau mass: mtau1
tests of antimatter: toam1
Tests of fundamental symmetries: tfs1
Tests of general relativity: tgr1
Tests of special relativity: tsr1
Thomas-Reiche-Kuhn sum rule: trks1
Time reversal symmetry: tr1
Time variation of constants: tvc1
Trapping of atoms: atmtrap1
Trapping of atoms with lasers: lsrtrap1
Trapping of ions in electric, and magnetic fields or light: iontrap1
Traps - charged particles: tcp1
Traps - neutral particles: tnp1
Treatment of data/ statistics: tds1
Triple point of water: TPW1
tritium molecule: T2mol1
triton magnetic moment and g factor: gt1
triton rms charge radius: tcr1
true muonium hyperfine splitting: tmuhfs1
true muonium hyperfine splitting: trmuhfs1
True muonium: trmu1
two-photon-exchange: tpe1
Uncertainty in measurement: um1
Vacuum polarization: vp1
Vector spherical harmonics: vsh1
Volt/ voltage: volt1
water vapor/helium mixture: h2ohe1
Watt balance: wb1
Watt/ power: watt1
Wave packets: wp1
X-ray wavelengths: xrwl1
Zeeman effect in hydrogenlike atoms: ze1