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NIST Recommended Rest Frequencies for Observed Interstellar Molecular Microwave Transitions

by Frank J. Lovas

This form provides selective search and retrieval capability from the set of recommended frequencies. In any of the search options given below, the complete range will be included in the search if no selection is made.

The list of frequencies that result from your query may be restricted by selecting either lower and upper limits:
MHz   to MHz,
or by selecting a central frequency range:
MHz   ± MHz.

Additional limits may be placed on type of molecule, telscope where observed, published source of data, or empirical formula by selecting from one or more of the following lists. (Multiple selections in one box may require use of the control key.)

Molecule: Telescope: Reference: Empirical:
Information to be displayed: Frequency   Uncertainty  
Molecule: Formula;   Name;   Quantum numbers.  
Tr(K)/Ta(K);   Source;   Telescope;   Astr. Ref.;   Lab. Ref.   Empirical Formula
Data display: Retrieve data: