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To download separately the individual papers, listed below:

The pdf files of each individual paper are generally large, as indicated in the [xx MB] accompanying the filename abbreviation (which is the hyperlink) and the complete paper title in the following chronological list. Knowing which paper is of interest to you, as motivated by a seemingly interesting title, you can go directly to that one paper.  To speed-up your scrolling within a paper, each pdf file includes thumbnails and bookmarks palettes.  The bookmarks show the section headings and the figure numbers.  

File hyperlink Paper title Date MB
Typical home Surge suppression in a typical home wiring system (1963) [1.0 MB]
Surge capability Surge withstand capability of various devices (1963) [0.5 MB]
Evaluate 1963 SPDs Evaluation of commercial surge suppressors (1967) [2.3 MB]
Super alpha GE- MOV varistor – The super alpha varistor (1972) [1.8 MB]
Percée Une percée dans la conception des parafoudres (In French, click Sakshaug, below, for original English source) (1976) [0.7 MB]
Coordination 1976 Surge voltage suppression in residential power circuits (1976) [1.2 MB]
Repetitive surges The effect of repetitive surges on overcurrent and overvoltage protective devices (1983) [0.9 MB]
Matching environment Matching surge protective devices to their environment (1985) [1.2 MB]
Winning Rematch Varistor versus environment: Winning the rematch (1986) [1.2 MB]
Lower not better Selecting varistor clamping voltage: Lower is not better! (1989) [0.5 MB]
Divert surges  Diverting surges to ground: Expectations versus reality (1991) [0.4 MB]
TVSS compatibility Characterization of TVSS from a system compatibility perspective (1992) [1.1 MB]
Repetitive swells The effect of repetitive swells on metal-oxide varistors (1992) [0.9 MB]
SRE link An important link in whole-house protection: Surge reference equalizers (1993) [0.8 MB]
Gapped arresters Gapped arresters revisited: A solution to cascade coordination (1998) [0.9 MB]
Dilemma The dilemma of surge protection vs. overvoltage scenarios: Implications for low-voltage SPDs (1998) [0.7 MB]
Lingering legacies Lingering lead length legacies (2002) [0.3 MB]
Black boxes ICLP Black Boxes, Blind Spots, and Disconnectors: How not to test SPDs (2004) [0.3 MB]
Monitoring SPDs Monitoring of surge-protective devices in low-voltage power distribution systems (2004) [0.4 MB]
TOVs on SPDs TOV Effects on Surge-Protective Devices (2005) [143 KB]


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Also see under “Protective Devices” and  “System Protection Techniques“ of Part 6 for additional papers


Sakshaug A new concept in arrester design  [An IEEE SPDC seminal paper] (1977) [1.5 MB]
End User Surge protection of end-user equipment (1995) [0.1 MB]
GE-MOV Saga The GE-MOV saga – Retrospective 1972-2004 [2.1 MB]

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