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Development of standards - Reality checks
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TCL proposal Transient control levels: A proposal for insulation coordination in low-voltage systems (1976) [0.2 MB]
TCL Philosophy Transient control level philosophy and Implementation Part 1: The reasoning behind the philosophy (1977) [0.5 MB]
Guideline EMC A guideline on surge voltages in AC power circuits rated up to 600 V (1979) [0.6 MB]
Guideline IEEE The development of a guideline on surge voltages in low-voltage AC Power (1979) [0.8 MB]
Winning Rematch Varistor versus environment: Winning the rematch (1986) [1.2 MB]
Real Waves Real, realistic ring waves for surge testing (1991) [0.6 MB]
Incompatibility Incompatibility between the 100/1300 surge test and varistor failure rates (1991) [0.6 MB]
MOV - VDE Testing varistors against the VDE 0160 standard (1991) [0.6 MB]
Transnational Standards: Transnational Aspects (1991) [0.4 MB]
Validating Validating surge test standards by field experience: High-energy tests and varistor performance (1992) [0.7 MB]
Reality Check Applying reality checks to standards on the surge environment (1996) [0.7 MB]
Lamp failure Using incandescent lamp failure levels for assessment of the surge environment (1997) [0.6 MB]
More begets Less Driving high surge currents into long cables: More begets less (1997) [1.0 MB]
Develop Guide Developing a consumer-oriented guide on surge protection (1997) [1.0 MB]
Neutral Earthing The effect of neutral earthing practices on lightning current dispersion in a low-voltage installation (1998) [1.1 MB]
Dilemma The dilemma of surge protection vs. overvoltage scenarios: Implications for low-voltage SPDs (1998) [0.6 MB]
Galore The fallacy of monitoring surge voltages: SPDs and PCs Galore ! (1999) [0.8 MB]
Dispersion On the dispersion of lightning current after a direct flash to a building (2000) [1.6 MB]
PQ IEC Standard A new IEC standard on the measurement of power quality parameters (2000) [0.4 MB]
Trilogy Update The Trilogy update of IEEE C62.41 (2000) [0.6 MB]
Role of SPDs The role and stress of surge-protective devices in sharing lightning current (2002) [0.6 MB]
New IEEE Stds New IEEE standards foster next-generation system compatibility (2002) [0.7 MB]

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