Workshop 5

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Photoemission Spectroscopy - the upcoming decades

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 • Lecture Room B
9:00 — 17:00
Alexei Fedorov (LBL) & Peter Johnson (BNL)


9:00 — 9:30 Alessandra Lanzara (UC Berkeley)
Non-equilibrium momentum dependent dynamic of high temperature superconductors
9:30 — 10:00 Stefan Mathias (U. Kaiserslautern)
Time- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy using femtosecond XUV pulses from high-harmonic generation
10:00 — 10:30 Nuh Gedik (MIT)
Ultrafast Probing of Dirac Fermions with Time Resolved ARPES
10:30 — 11:00Coffee break
11:00 — 11:30 Alexei Barinov (Trieste, ELETTRA - FERMI)
Beyond angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy: spatial and temporal resolution for high frequency pulsed photon sources
11:30 — 12:00 Marino Marsi (U. Paris Sud)
Time resolved and spatially resolved photoemission for the study of complex materials
12:00 — 12:30 Oliver Gessner (LBNL)
Time-Resolved X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Studies of Charge Transfer in Dye-Sensitized ZnO Nanocrystals
12:30 — 13:00 Tomasz Durakiewic (LANL)
Time-resolved ARPES and f-electrons: the promise, the reality, the future
13:00 — 14:00Lunch
14:00 — 14:30 Fausto Sirotti (SOLEIL)
Time resolved photoelectron spectroscopy @ TEMPO beamline
14:30 — 15:00 Serguei Molodtsov (European XFEL)
European XFEL: Unique possibilities for time-resolved photoemission
15:00 — 15:30 Jim Freericks (Georgetown U)
Overview of the theoretical description of pump/probe experiments in strongly correlated electrons
15:30 — 16:00 Martin Teichmann (MBI Berlin, FU Berlin)
Ultrafast Magnetization Dynamics in Transient Band Structures
16:00 — 16:30 Dan Dessau (UC Boulder)
Coupled spin-orbital texture and control of ejected spin polarization in topological insulators
16:30 — 17:00 Stephen Benson (Jlab)
A Synchronized FIR/VUV Light Source at Jefferson Lab

Enabling Science and Innovation

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  • Advanced Light Source
  • Advanced Photon Source
  • Center for Advanced Microstructures & Devices
  • Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source
  • Canadian Light Source
  • Jefferson Lab
  • Linac Coherent Light Source
  • Laboratório Nacional de Luz Síncrotron
  • National Synchrotron Light Source
  • National Synchrotron Light Source - II
  • Synchrotron Radiation Center
  • Synchrotron Ultraviolet Radiation Facility
  • Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource


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